Kauffeld & Jahn, these are fashiondesigner Niklas Kauffeld and Matthias Jahn. Both were born in the centre of Germany, Kassel, where they met first time while schooldays. 1999 both went to Berlin and independently started their studies at University.




Their first common collection was presented in 2007 at Berlin fashionweek. 2011 they won the Austrian Couture Award and the appearance of „Kauffeld & Jahn“ began.


Since 2012 Kauffeld & Jahn present their new collections every half a year. Many runways in Germany and abroad inspired press, buyers and VIPs.




Fancy patterns, versatility, shaping and transformation combined with avantgarde, luxury handcraft and a love to detail and quality, manufacturing based in Germany, that's what Kauffeld & Jahn is very well-known for.